Things about LIFE that I’ve learned from my Webcam Model Job

#LourdesModels perspective: EvieRose

24 September 2023


I discovered how a woman should behave, being delicate, feminine!

For me being a webcam model, it meant a lot as I started when i was kinda young, at only 20 years old, raised around many boys in my neighbourhood and also being around them mostly in high school more than around girls, being passionate about cars, my behaviour was more masculine than feminine, or at least that’s how I see my evolution.

So, first of all, I discovered how a woman should behave, being delicate, feminine and not changing my personality, but changing the way I look and dress now, learning how to be a woman.

How else you can learn to be soft and delicate if not around some wise people like the ones I found by just being online? At this point, I can also say, my English is better now, just by talking daily. One of the most important things for me is that being online I’ve learned to speak, to say what I think and to quit being shy or maybe an introvert. Now I can speak my mind, I can have arguments and that happens also in my real interactions with people in my life. Now I can speak my boundaries and stop situations that I believe are not good for me.

At this point, being a webcam model, it’s not about having a job but it is something that helped me become who I am today. I am still learning to build discipline and patience, but from the beginning until today, I can see my progress even in everyday life situations. I know it should be mostly about sex but for me it wasn’t like that. I’ve learned so many things about countries, cultures and many other things, also speaking about my country and feeling that, in a small way, I can share information and show other people things they didn’t know. It made me feel useful.

I can say in the end that I would never change this decision I made. I’m grateful for this process, with its ups and downs and this helps me be a better version of myself every day, even testing some of my limits or choosing to cross some boundaries I have.