Things about LIFE that I’ve learned from my Webcam Model Job

#LourdesModels perspective: VivienneRuth

20 September 2023


I’ve learned to love myself a lot more and also to aspire to a lot more!

The things about life that I have learned from my Webcam model job are: confidence, patience and consequences. I’ve learned to love myself more and to aspire to even more. I’ve learned to desire and motivate myself, to test my limits and explore things I have never tried in my real life because I used to be just as many others: I was hiding behind the screen, ashamed of my own thoughts. Being ashamed is not a tragedy, learning to embrace your fantasies is a virtute and a quality. You can discover another version of yourself only by listening to someone else’s story and finding yourself in it! I’ve learned to appreciate people and their weaknesses, to help them find both beauty and pleasure in what they think it makes them weak. I can be myself, showing my natural beauty but also my creativity. I can be childish, naughty, sexy or laugh a lot! But in the end, I’m the actress in my own story and every day is a challenge and a new beginning for me♥️. So let’s see what will tomorrow prepare for me. 🙈