Things about LIFE that I’ve learned from my Webcam Model Job

#LourdesModels perspective: RheaAndeson

16 September 2023


Being a Webcam Model doesn’t just come down to undressing in front of a camera!

When I started my journey as a webcam model, I was an insecure person, didn’t knew much about my aptitudes and how much I can give to others, or what others can offer me, and I don’t mean that only in a sexual way. Being a webcam model made me a better person. First of all, I gained a stronger feeling of trust in myself and what I can do. I discovered that knowing people around the world gives me such a feeling of fulfilment, interacting with others and knowing about different cultures makes me happy and even if I didn’t get to travel to that country made me feel like I was there just by talking with different people and hear their stories.

Being a webcam model doesn’t only come down to undressing in front of a camera. You need to be creative and use your imagination, you need to be consistent and dedicated, which also means you develop a lot of skills and become a better version of yourself. It means you can also bring a smile on someone’s face and make someone‘s day better, just because you listen to what they have to say. You can build a very nice friendship, a connection or just be the shoulder to cry on for a lonely person. There are a lot of humans that are lonely and they just need someone to talk or listen to.

It’s awful that the society sees this industry from such a negative perspective. You can be a lingerie model or an actor and have naked scenes, and you get paid for that. This is the same. A plus is that you can improve yourself as a person, as a human being, as a soul.