Things about LIFE that I’ve learned from my Webcam Job

#Trainers perspective: Audrey

24 November 2023


trainer Lourdes Studio

Some of the most life changing experiences that have build me as a woman were derived from camming.

I started off as a webcam model at the age of 19 with a lot of limiting beliefs and a very low self esteem. With the help of a patient and empathetic trainer, I was able to come to the realization that I had a great imagination, a good education and good morals. My confidence in myself on the camera and in my personal life grew stronger which allowed me to make bold decisions. There was a sense of cognitive dissonance as I was raised catholic when it came to accepting that I was actually working in the adult industry. With time, I grew to not judge myself and make peace with this part of who I was becoming. Over the years, I have grown to appreciate who I am as a woman, a domina, a life coach, a financial advisor and as a mental stimulator. All of which are roles I mostly play when I am camming.

Being a part of the adult industry also let me to venture into sharing my intellect with fellow models and I can say that the life of a webcam model is not always a glamorous one. Understanding this motivates me to be there for others. In a way it is fulfilling because I am at a place where my cup is pretty full and now I can fill other people cups, too. I also learned to use money wisely from camming because I experienced lucrative and frustratingly slow months. This encouraged me to save and invest my money in profitable ventures that allowed me to be at ease whenever times were slow.

Essentially, I have grown to learn that when I take myself seriously, the hard work is rewarding. How I treat the ones around me will determine what I receive, in turn, from them and the sky is the limit.