Things about LIFE that I’ve learned from my Webcam Job

#Trainers perspective: Cristina

22 November 2023


trainer & manager Lourdes Studio

For me, the experience within the industry is a bit different, but filled with a lot of meaning and many aspects that taught me a lot about femininity, strength, independence and a lot more along the way.

Not being in just one room at a time, but actually handling several simultaneously, was something to offer a wide array of experiences and situations to assist, aid and after all, live at the same time with the model. Being a natural empath, it played an important factor in making me able to understand the people I am interacting with, directly or indirectly, and understanding that at the end of the day it is all about the connection that we are able to establish with the ones we are interacting with, and generally we all share the root desire to be HEARD, UNDERSTOOD and in SYNC, which may come in different forms, but around the same idea. Being able to become financially independent had such a positive impact on my self confidence, knowing I hold the power within myself to be able to achieve what I dream of, while also guiding and supporting others in doing the same, which brings sometimes even more satisfaction than the personal success.

To sum up, I truly feel like all those things are not easily found at the same time, in a single work field, this is why I feel like the camming industry is unique and special, especially when you are doing it with passion and in a safe and nurturing environment.