Nikita Gill once said : "Women who believe in each other can survive anything"and I find this to be very true.

About Lourdes

I wholeheartendly believe in women supporting women! Having the right circle of women around you is the greatest life blessing. As women, we do need to create a safe space for one another , a space for sharing, for opening our hearts, a space where you feel supported and seen. I believe it's vital for us to nurture one another’s connections and sink into feminine energy.

I’ve been a devoted wife for 25 years and a loving mother of three girls. Along with being a highly acclaimed and top-earning model since 2008, a successful studio owner since 2012, and a dedicated trainer and counsellor for numerous female models throughout the years, I am more than qualified to address any question that cross your mind. My expertise goes beyond matters in this domain, which is why my heart is deeply captivated to guide you emotionally, financially, and provide insights on managing family matters related to it. Feel confident that I can offer comprehensive support and solutions to all your inquiries.

Coaching Program


What’s the objective of this program?

To inspire any woman who finds herself in need of support, but also to provide a better perspective from inside the video chat industry. And to all the men who have helped us, women, evolve professionally as well as become more feminine and stronger through the time we have spent together in the online space.

At the same time, we want to support the contributing members of these sites by offering emotional support and counselling in solving the relationship problems between them and the models. Mediation is the solution to a harmonious friendship.


It is an educational program made by #LourdesStudio created by Lourdes herself and based on her 15 years of experience as an internationally awarded Model, Owner, and Trainer @LourdesStudio.

The experience I gained online and offline exceeded all my expectations. Besides reaching my financial independence, I reached a high level of understanding the human mind while collaborating in person with so many females on a daily basis and also with males online, where most are anonymous and the human is free in his thoughts and actions that were shared with me.